Dr. Thampibal Explains His Approach to Integrated Hair Transplantation

Most of us take our hair for granted—particularly during our younger years—but you can start losing your hair at any age. Hair loss can affect men in their twenties and thirties, and while less common in women, it can still happen. When you suddenly experience unexpected hair loss, you should start hair restoration treatment as soon as you can.

My name is Dr. Danai Thampibal, head hair restoration surgeon at the BEQ Clinic in Bangkok. I studied medicine at the Prince of Songkhla University, and have many years of experience in hair transplant treatments. I am a member of both the European Organisation of Hair Restoration Professionals and the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons. 

My fluency in English allows me to chat with international patients who visit my clinic. Many tell me they cut their hair transplant costs in half by having treatment in Thailand instead of at a clinic in their home country. Most of my visiting patients are from Australia, one of the most expensive countries in the world for hair transplant surgery.

Why You Should Travel to Thailand for Hair Transplant Treatment

If you want to restore your hair but cannot afford treatment at an Australian clinic, consider coming to Thailand for more affordable care. I have developed a comprehensive approach to hair restoration, which I call integrated hair transplantation.

I am fully qualified in follicular unit extraction (FUE), direct hair implantation (DHI), and stem cell hair transplantation. By combining these techniques, I have achieved excellent results, and I can provide these treatments at a much lower cost than Australian doctors.

Thai medical facilities uphold high standards and the BEQ Clinic is no different. Expect modern treatment rooms, new equipment and an impeccable standard of cleanliness. The actual process of having a hair transplant in Thailand is very similar to how it is performed in Australia.

Even though the same methods are used, all the costs associated with running a hair transplant clinic in Australia are higher, which means you pay more there. You should join the many Australians having a hair transplant in Thailand instead, and this article explains everything you need to know ahead of setting up your treatment.

Fast Facts About Hair Loss

Your hair can start falling out for a wide range of reasons. Medical conditions like thyroid disorders, diabetes, and lupus can all cause hair loss, as can being under serious stress or being deficient in essential nutrients. None of these hair loss causes are that common, although there is one that affects the majority of men.

85% of all men will suffer from some kind of hair loss in their lives, and for 95% of them it is down to male pattern baldness. Common first signs of this hereditary condition are a receding hairline or balding around at the crown of your hair. Although we can do nothing to cure male pattern baldness, we can successfully treat the problem of bald patches and thinning hair.

You Must Have Some Hair for a Hair Transplant

All hair transplantation and restoration methods require you to have at least a little healthy growing hair. If you are already completely bald, I am afraid that a hair transplant is not going to work for you.

The reason you need some healthy hair is because I must harvest existing hair and then implant it into areas of your scalp where hair no longer grows. A donor area is essential and the thicker the hair the better. I should also point out that I cannot use hair from another person; it must be yours.

Be Proactive About Treating Your Hair Loss

When you start to lose your hair, try not to leave it too long before having the health of your hair assessed. If you ignore the problem it will not go away; in fact, it will only get worse. A hair transplant is not a quick treatment with overnight results. It takes some time for the full effect of hair transplant surgery to become clear.

The worse you let your hair loss become, the harder it is to restore it to its original state. I believe a much better approach to fixing hair loss is to treat it early. Hair loss is often a slow process, so routine transplants to restore lost hair will help to maintain a fuller head of hair. You may only need a session once a year to keep your hair looking full and thick.

How Follicular Unit Extraction Works

The FUE hair transplant method is used throughout the world and has solid reputation as a safe and effective way to restore lost hair. A specially developed punch is used to carefully extract individual hair follicles from your scalp. These follicles are kept in a holding solution while I create small receiving holes in the bald area of your scalp, then each extracted hair follicle is carefully placed back into your skin.

The Benefits of Direct Hair Implantation 

The newer DHI method introduces a time-saving implanter tool that improves the process of placing hair back into the scalp. An individual hair follicle is loaded into an implanter, which is used to make a receiving hole just before the hair is placed into it. Instead of making the hole first and then placing the hair afterwards, it all happens in one action.

The implanter tool also provides more precise control over the angle and depth at which a hair follicle is placed. I can ensure hairs are placed deep enough into the skin so that they adhere to the scalp and grow in the correct direction.

A Stem Cell Hair Transplant Helps Replenish Thinning Hair

The latest development in hair restoration techniques is the stem cell hair transplant. This method does not require multiple grafts, instead it takes a single small skin sample from your scalp. Hair follicles are harvested from this tissue and then replicated in a laboratory. These new hair follicles can then be implanted back into the balding area on your scalp.

The latest research on stem cell hair transplants was carried out by an Italian team, and revealed that 23 weeks after treatment the patients enjoyed a 29% increase in hair density.

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