Hair Maintenance


The Hair Maintenance programs can be used both before and after the hair transplantation in order to strengthen and nourish the hair roots and scalp as well as to stimulate better hair growth. The doctor may give you an advice on hair maintenance with various treatments as follows

Hair Laser
Stimulate hair follicle growth

This process involves the stimulation of hair follicle cells using Low-Lebel Laser Therapy (LLLT) in combination with Light-emitting diode (LED). The results of this treatment are better hair growth, increased blood circulation around the scalp and it also gradually gives the thicker look for the bald areas. *Recommendations: This program can be used in combination with other treatment methods for the better results and can be performed every week.

Protein Hair Cell Activator
Promote hair growth

The process involves injecting the concentrated protein extract containing more than 15 types of proteins. This method can stimulate hair growth. The results are longer and healthier hair shafts with larger diameters and longer growth period which results in less hair loss.


The protein extract injection should be performed at every 1-2 weeks for at least 6-12 times.

Anti DHT Injection
Inhibit DHT Hormone

Sensitivity to the dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone is a major cause of baldness. Injection of Anti DHT, which is rich in various nutrients, into the scalp helps reduce the activity and effects of the DHT hormone on the hair follicles. It is considered as the inhibition of the root cause of hair loss. This process can reduce hair fall and hair loss and also gives the larger hair diameters.


The injection should be performed at every 1-2 weeks.

Hair Revitalize
Reduce scalp oiliness

Do you know that the excess oil on your scalp can trap dirt and also causes dandruff and clogging of the hair follicles? In addition to scalp problems, the excess oil is also a cause of hair loss, hair thinning and inhibit hair growth. These problems can be solved with Hair Revitalize which can eliminate the causes of hair follicle clogging, control scalp oiliness, reduce dandruff and help your hair grow normally.


This treatment can be frequently used with at least 2-week interval.

Hair Booster
Nourish your hair at cellular level

This program can nourish your hair with nutrients, in which the doctor will prick your scalp with the needle tip to deliver the nutrient solution directly into the hair roots. This process allows better hair growth after various treatment methods.


This program can be performed every week and can be used in combination with other treatment methods.