Plasma Hair PRP

Plasma Hair PRP
Stop hair loss problems

Hair loss is a very common problem in men. There are only some men who are fortunate not to experience this problem because they are not inherited male pattern baldness from their ancestors. However, we all have a male sex hormone called testosterone which determines the masculine characteristics such as height, weight, body structure, muscle strength and oiliness of the skin including sex drive.

Both women and men usually have both types of sex hormones. In men, testosterone is produced by the testes. Testosterone plays a key role in increasing of the masculine characteristics, growth of penis, sperm production, stimulating sexual desire and hair growth. Women who have high testosterone level will have oily facial skin making the skin more prone to inflammation, infections, and acne and have excess body hair.

What is DHT, one of the causes of hair loss and where does it come from?

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is produced by the catalysis of testosterone by 5-Alpha reductase enzyme. DHT is considered 3 times more potent compared to testosterone. In addition, DHT formation is a spontaneous process.

DHT stimulates and enlarges the sebaceous glands. With optimum level of DHT, the skin produces oil to help maintain moisture, prevents skin from dryness and reduces wrinkles. However, DHT at the scalp acts directly on the sebaceous glands at hair follicles which will produce fat and prevents scalp from dryness.


The problem is the excess stimulation and enlargement of the sebaceous glands by DHT which results in oily hairs. The excess oil adheres on the hair follicle cells and inhibits hair formation process during anagen phase. This results in a shorter anagen phase (early anagen) and thinner and shorter hair shafts which will eventually progresses into hair fall, hair thinning and baldness. In addition, age, stress, nutrition and resting are also important factors affecting hair loss. For example, when we get older, our hair roots are less active with age and hair bulbs shrink which decreases hair size and length and scalp blood flow. Autoimmune diseases can attack hair follicles and breaks the hair shafts in patches and may progress throughout the head.

For those who are experiencing hair loss, we can stop this problem before it progresses into hair thinning and baldness with “Plasma Hair PRP injection”

Benefits of Plasma Hair PRP

It’s safe because this PRP therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp.

Stimulates the restoration of hair roots and scalp and reduces hair loss.

Suitable for the maintenance of hair roots and scalp before and after hair transplantation for strong and healthy hair roots and scalp.

Plasma Hair PRP procedure

The preparation of Plasma Hair PRP begins with drawing blood from customer’s body using modern and effective tools. With these tools, a small amount of blood is required. Only 10-20 cc of blood is enough for quality sample. The blood sample is then isolated by centrifugation in which only platelet-rich plasma and growth factors are collected.

The obtained platelet-rich plasma is then injected directly into the scalp which will stimulate hair growth and hair root cell division. This process provides a faster hair root restoration and eventually healthy and stronger hair shafts and hair roots. Therefore, this method is worthwhile for every drop of your blood. The entire process takes only 1 hour and customers can do their daily activities as usual.