If you have been searching the Internet to find out why your hair is falling out, it might be time for you to change your mindset. So many different reasons exist for hair loss, making it hard to understand exactly why it happens, but what we do know is that once it starts, your hair is not coming back. Well, not without some expert help anyway. So, instead of worrying about something you have no real control over, I can help you begin to focus on how you can restore your hair.

I am Dr. Danai Thampibal, a highly-trained hair transplant surgeon working at the BEQ Clinic in central Bangkok. I have many years of experience in hair transplantation and regularly treat international patients who visit Thailand to cut the expense of a hair transplant. My professional commitment to restoring hair has led me to study the most advanced methods used in this area of aesthetic medicine.

In this article, I will share some of my knowledge about Direct Hair Implantation® (DHI), the latest hair transplant technique that I offer at my clinic. You will learn how it works and what sort of results you can expect from it. I hope to help you understand that having a hair transplant in Bangkok is safe and that you will also enjoy expert care and a far more affordable price than in Australia.

Understanding the Three Different Types of Hair Transplant Surgery

To get started, I want to explain a little more about the various methods used in hair transplantation. This will help to provide you with some idea as to how hair transplant techniques have improved over the years. The three main methods are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Direct Hair Implantation.


FUT is the traditional hair transplant method, tried and tested but far from the most effective any more. It works by harvesting strips of hair-bearing skin from your scalp. The harvested strips can then be put under a microscope and the individual hair follicles are extracted for implantation back into your scalp. One of the biggest problems with this type of hair transplant is that the removal of skin leaves scarring.


FUE is an improvement on FUT because strips of skin from your scalp no longer have to be removed. The FUE method uses a special punch that extracts a small group of hair follicles in one go. A small circular hole is left where the hair follicles were removed from, which soon heals and leaves a far less noticeable scar than the FUT method. The removed follicles are then implanted back into your scalp in largely the same way as the FUT method. Reception holes are made in the scalp into which hair follicles are placed, with limited control over the angle or depth of placement.


DHI works differently, in both the way the follicles are extracted and how they are placed. To start, DHI is capable of zeroing in and removing just one individual hair follicle at a time. The punch used can precisely pull a hair follicle out of an area of skin, working to a diameter of 0.64mm to 1mm. When that individual hair follicle is placed back into the scalp, a special DHI implanter tool is used, which provides precise control over angle and depth when implanting a hair follicle.

How DHI Achieves Better Results than Other Hair Transplantation Methods

The way that DHI removes hairs and the method used to implant them are both superior to the other hair transplant methods currently available. The extraction of the hairs in DHI is minimally invasive, so leaves very little damage on your scalp when compared to FUT and FUE. You are likely to experience no lasting scarring after a DHI hair transplant.

Perhaps the biggest advantage DHI has over other hair transplantation techniques is the way that hairs are implanted back into the scalp. The added control over placement depth that DHI provides means that more hair follicles are grafted successfully the first time around. Also, hair follicles are implanted so that they grow at the same angle as your natural existing hair. The result is when your transplanted hair grows out, it looks completely natural and blends in perfectly.

What to Expect During Your Direct Hair Implantation Procedure

Gaining an understanding of what to expect during a hair transplant is a great way to prepare yourself ahead of treatment. To start with, you will sit down with me for a thorough consultation. We will discuss the results you hope to achieve from a hair transplant, and I will also assess your suitability for hair transplant surgery.

Before surgery

Before surgery begins, a local anaesthetic will be https://beqclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/142_ปลูกผมถาวร-อยู่ได้ถาวรจริงหรือ-01-1.jpgistered so that you feel no pain during the procedure. Hair transplant sessions can take anywhere between two to six hours, depending on how many hairs you need to have transplanted. You may need more than one session to achieve the results you are aiming for.

How Long Will You Have to Wait Before the Results are Visible?

Once all the necessary hairs have been transplanted, it will take some time before the full results are visible. In fact, the transplanted hair will fall out within a few weeks from the date of surgery. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about, because the old hair has to fall out so that new hair can begin to grow.

After eight to 12 weeks you can expect healthy hair to be growing from your transplanted follicles, which will indicate just how effective your hair transplant has been. We invite you back to the clinic at this stage so we can assess the results so far. Moving forward even further, after twelve months you will be able to see the full outcome of your hair transplant.

Choose the BEQ Clinic in Bangkok for Your Affordable Hair Transplant

BEQ Clinic offers affordable hair transplants for international patients, and the standard of care we provide is highly-respected. We strive to keep up with the latest developments in hair transplant techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve long-lasting results. In addition to hair transplants, we also offer a range of other aesthetic treatments for the face, including laser treatments to remedy acne scars and other skin blemishes.

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