Long Hair DHI Transplant

Long Hair DHI - The Highest Achievment in Hair Transplant

Long Hair DHI is the highest achievement in hair transplantation (this article was written in 2020) because the hair grafts are transplanted without shaving, it is a hair transplant process in which the hair shafts are not trimmed. Another feature of this technique is DHI Implanter, which is specially design for long hair. This ensures that with this hair transplant technique, it is difficult for others to notice that you have had a hair transplant. The only things they can notice are your younger looking face and stand out facial frame.

At BEQ Clinic, we attach great important to facial framing since we understand in the nature and need of men which want thick and high density of transplanted hair grafts, while women want sweet and delicate hairline. From my experience, I am confident that customers will be very satisfied with this new hair transplant technique.

To be honest, not everyone can get a hair transplant using Long Hair DHI because we have to consider the amount of grafts required. If the problem area requires a lot of grafts, I suggest that DHI hair transplant is more suitable for your needs.

Long Hair DHI Hair transplant Procedure

  1. Local anesthesia is injected at the back of the head which is called Donor Area, an area that is not influenced by DHT hormone without trimming the hair during graft excision. You will be conscious throughout the hair transplant process, but do not feel any pain.
  1.  After the local anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will use the special DHI Implanter of a small diameter to carefully remove the long hair strands without affecting or damaging the hair grafts and surrounding hair follicles.

3. Unnecessary tissues are trimmed from the excised hair follicles (grafts) and the hair follicles obtained are carefully sorted and prepared for the transplantation in different areas. We keep the collected hair grafts in a special solution to increase survival rate and growth rate.

  1. For the hair transplant process, trimmed and sorted hair grafts are placed in DHI Implanter and are then inserted and implanted into the desired area. This special tool can accurately control the directions and the degrees of the implanted hair follicles. After the process, you will get a new hairline with long hair immediately and the recipient scalp area without being affected several times.

Advantages of Long Hair DHI Transplant

Get instant long hair without shaving

Long Hair DHI Transplant is the only hair transplant method currently available that does not require trimming or shaving. From the excision to the insertion of hair grafts, grafts with long hair strands from the back of the head which is called Donor Area, an area that is not influenced by DHT hormone, are used.

No long scarring with short recovery period

As DHI technique, no surgery is required in this Long Hair DHI technique which means that it does not cause a long scar at the back of the head. With the special DHI Implanter of small diameter, the wounds heal fast with a short recovery period. In some cases, the patient can return back to his/her normal routine within the same day.

Natural-looking and perfect results

In Long Hair DHI Transplant, in addition to eliminating the trimming or shaving step, grafts with long hair strands are used to implanted at the problem area using a special tool called DHI Implanter which allows us to insert and implant hair graft simultaneously. This special tool can control the dept, degree and direction of the implanted hair follicles resulting in higher accuracy and density in hair transplant thus giving you thicker and more natural results.

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