ReCell Plus 3x, the best hair transplantation technique for thinning hair problems

Based on ReCell Hair Micro Transplant technique that has been recognized through more than 1000 cases and reviews stating that this technique can solve thinning hair problems in the middle of the head and make hair look thicker and darker, I, Dr. Danai Thampibal has recently developed a new technique “ReCell Plus 3x”, the next step of hair transplantation using stem cells of hair follicles. And today we’re going discuss the details and advantages of ReCell Hair Micro Transplant and the new technique, ReCell Plus 3x. But first, let’s understand the basics of stem cell.

Stem cell, a new alternative treatment

Stem cell is a special type of cell that can be found at any development stage in living organisms. This type of cell can divide indefinitely and can be differentiated into almost all cell types in the body such as skin, brain, heart, muscle and blood cells. It plays an important role in division, multiplication and differentiation of different types of cells to replace damaged cells in the body.

There are 2 main categories of stem cells, embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells or stem cells from tissues. The properties of the two types of cells are different. Embryonic stem cells can be differentiated into almost all cell types in the body, except placental stem cells, while adult stem cells can only be transformed into cells specialized for that tissue. For example, blood stem cells can be transformed into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets or hair follicle stem cells can be transformed into hair follicle cells, etc.

Does stem cell really work?

Over the years, I believe everyone has heard of Stem Cell Therapy, but many people are still wondering if it is true, and whether it is effective and what does the research tell us?

According to Q3 2019 data from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, more than 959 companies has supported Stem Cell Therapy with more than 1,050 clinics and more than US$ 7.4 billion in funding related to Stem Cell Therap. This shows that Stem Cell Therapy is becoming more and more accepted. Many organizations recognize its importance. BEQ Clinic led by Dr. Danai Thampibal also anticipate the importance of Stem Cell Therapy and we have now launched the ReCell Hair Micro Transplant service and also developed ReCell Plus 3x based on this former technique which takes its quality to the next level.

What is ReCell Hair Micro Transplant?

ReCell Hair Micro Transplant and ReCell Plus 3x are types of permanent hair transplantation techniques which are suitable for treating hair problems in the middle of the head called fried egg head. In these techniques, hair root tissues are harvested from the back of the head. Hair follicles on this area are strongest compared to that of other areas since this area is not influenced by DHT hormone (the same area used in other hair transplant techniques, such as FUT, FUE or DHI). The hair follicles obtained are then processed using medical process in order to select for the healthy hair root cells which were then injected into the recipient area with the objective to stimulate and repair the weak hair follicle cells to produce more new hair shafts.

Recell Hair Micro Transplant procedure

1 Tissue collection

ReCell Hair Micro Transplant

Hair follicle cells are collected and screened for only healthy hair follicle cells by harvesting the hair follicle tissues with the diameter of 3 mm from the end of dermal cup sheath cells on an occipital area which is less affected by DHT compared to other areas.

ReCell Plus 3x

In ReCell Plus 3x technique, the new punch with only 2 mm in diameter, 35% smaller than the conventional punch is used. The wounds are very small and heal faster with no recovery period needed.

2 Tissue extraction

ReCell Hair Micro Transplant

Micrograft Extractor is used to extract the tissues in form of active cells, which are ready to be injected into the recipient area. Usually, the number of active cells is approximately 1.2 million cells.

ReCell Plus 3x

In ReCell Plus 3x, new extractor with improved technology in combination with improved solution are used in order to extract 3 times more active cells or more than 3.8 million cells. The cells obtained from this process can survive longer outside the body.

3 Acting as DHT Blocker

ReCell Hair Micro Transplant

ReCell can act as DHT blocker capable of suppressing DHT production by blocking 5α-reductase activity, the enzyme that converts male sex hormone (testosterone) into DHT. Therefore, ReCell is considered as natural finasteride intake.

ReCell Plus 3x

In addition to acting as DHT blocker, ReCell Plus 3x also increases blocker of Transforming Growth Factor-β, or TGF-β. TGF-β is a chemical product produced while DHT acting on hair follicle cells which lead to hair follicle shrinkage. This technique is therefore considered as the double protection.

4 Injection of active cells at the areas with thinning hair problems

  • The obtained hair follicle cells are then injected at the areas with thinning hair problems in order to stimulate and repair the weak hair follicle cells to produce more hair shafts and make it look thicker.

ReCell is not Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Patients often ask whether Recell Hair Micro Transplant is PRP. The answer is “NO”. As mentioned above, ReCell involves active cell extraction, while PRP involves centrifugation of blood in order to harvest platelets. The platelets obtained do not have nucleus or the cell’s command center.

ReCell is a hair transplant technique for treating thinning hair problems, while PRP is a technique for strengthening our hair and reducing hair loss, which is suitable to be used as an auxiliary procedure of FUE hair transplantation. However, PRP cannot stimulate the production of new hair shafts. Therefore, please consider carefully if someone convince you by saying that PRP can allow new hair shaft production. How can the platelets activate hair follicle cells if they are dead?

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