iStemZ by Rigenera Activa AMT

Hair loss dampens your confidence or hold you back from embracing life to the fullest. These treatments offer an exceptional opportunity to restore your hair’s vitality and reclaim your self-assurance. Experience the transformative power of stem cell technology and embark on a journey towards a renewed, radiant head of hair.


by Rigenera Activa AMT

With the technology from Spain, Rigenera Activa AMT can make an autologous micro-grafts solution by extract progenitor cells and growth factors from healthy hair tissues. This solution then will stimulate the weakened hair root to become more active once more.

iStemZ by Rigenera Activa AMT starts with preparation of the occipital scalp and the doctors will extract 3-4 healthy hair tissues under local anesthesia. Those tissues will be processed by the Rigenera Activa AMT system to make an autologous micro-graft solution. The solution obtained will be injected back at the scalp with hair thinning.

The whole procedure will take only 1-2 hours and you can do daily activities normally after the treatment. This treatment is suitable for early-stage of hair thinning.

iStemZ by Rigenera Activa AMT Procedure

The surgeon will trim or shave the hair on the back of the head. An area that is not influenced by DHT hormones to facilitate the graft removal. Then the surgeon will inject your scalp with a long-acting, local anesthesia. You will be conscious throughout the hair transplantation process, but do not feel any pain.

The process begins with harvesting and selecting only healthy hair follicle cells from the tissue collected from occipital area or around the ears. Four hair follicle cells with the diameter of 3 mm. are isolated from the dermal cup sheath which is less affected by DHT.

These cells are processed with the medical process and carefully screened under microscope to select and extract only the healthy live cells.

The obtained hair follicle cells are then injected at the areas with thinning hair problems in order to stimulate and repair the weak hair follicle cells to produce more hair shafts and look thicker.

Reasons to Consider Getting iStemZ by Rigenera Activa AMT at BEQ Hair Center

Analyzing hair thinning problems without understanding the nature of hair loss may lead to less-than-ideal treatment. This is due to the fact that hair thinning has a variety of underlying causes and distinct characteristics that make them candidates for cell therapy treatment. Additionally, one needs to be aware of the distinct signs and characteristics of hair thinning issues and rely on the doctor’s experience when selecting a cell therapy procedure. With a wealth of knowledge, “Dr. Danai Thampibal” can help you attain better and more noticeable outcomes by understanding the various issues pertaining to your thinning hair.
Dr. Danai Thampibal has worked very hard to identify the causes of hair thinning and to find practical, effective solutions. He has created and implemented cell therapy techniques to determine the best course of action for achieving a naturally gorgeous hairline.

It takes meticulous treatment planning and cause identification to address the issue of thinning hair. Furthermore, a number of patient-related factors need to be considered. We must take balance into account in our efforts to give hair follicles the greatest treatment possible. When the qualities of our procedures and technologies are combined with the principles of hair restoration in the recipient area, the wounds heal more quickly and appear less apparent.

The donor area where the hair follicles are extracted is the key to achieve the best hair restoration outcomes possible using cell therapy techniques. This implies that every donor area must have hair follicles implantation done flawlessly, including treatment planning and post-surgery care. This requires expert care from qualified medical professionals, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies and equipment to prevent adverse events.


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