For men who are dissatisfied with their beard, beard transplantation is a great way to achieve the desired look. It involves harvesting individual follicular units on the back of the head which is less affected by DHT hormone (Dihydrotestosterone) (DHT hormone is the major contributor of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness). The obtained follicular units are then implanted at the desired area. This method can be used in people depending on the adequacy of the occipital hairs.


“Thinning eyebrows” can be caused by hormone disorders such as hypothyroidism (Hertoghe Sign) and is a common problem in Asian people.
“Eyebrow Transplantation” for thicker eyebrows involves removing follicular graft units from the back of the head and each hair strand is carefully implanted back into the skin. One graft usually contains about 1-4 hair strands and our natural eyebrow consists of multiple single hair strands. In order to obtain a natural result like the natural eyebrows which consist of multiple single hair strands, only the grafts containing one hair strand are therefore selected. In addition, to prepare the grafts with a single hair strand, the direction and angulation of each hair strand must be the same as the existing eyebrow hairs of the customer. Therefore, eyebrow transplantation is one of the most challenging and delicate procedures. In eyebrow transplantation, the grafts must be carefully implanted in the same angle and direction as the existing eyebrow hairs for natural look. DHI Hair Transplant technique used in our clinic is a great solution for this purpose since it gives better control of direction, angle and depth compared to the original FUE technique. More importantly, you can see the eyebrow hairs immediately after transplantation.

After the eyebrow transplantation, the transplanted eyebrow hairs must be trimmed for the first 2-3 times to stop them from growing too bushy because the donor hairs are extracted from the scalp. Overtime, the eyebrow hairs will grow slower and eventually have the desired length.


The surgeon will trim or shave the hair on the back of the head which is called the Donor Area, to facilitate the graft removal. Then the surgeon will inject your scalp with a long-acting, local anesthesia. You will be conscious throughout the hair transplantation process, but do not feel any pain.

After the local anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will use the special DHI Implanter with a small 0.6-0.8 mm. tip to carefully remove the hair follicles without affecting or damaging the hair grafts and surrounding hair follicles. Only the grafts with single hair strand of the same direction as the existing eyebrow hairs of the customer of are selected

The strip is carefully dissected, trimmed and sorted into follicular units (grafts) from tissue and lipid strip by the hair transplant team. The grafts with single hair strand of different directions are selected for further transplantation at each side of eyebrows in which these units are kept in a special solution to increase survival rate and growth rate.

For the hair transplantation process, the trimmed grafts are placed in the DHI Implanter and are placed and directly implanted into the desired area (without prior incision as in FUE technique) without affecting the skin area several times. In addition, it can control the direction and the degree of the implanted hair follicles to give you more natural result compared to traditional FUE technique.

For the customers who want to have moustache, beard or sideburns for the piercing look, this can be done using the DHI FUE technique from the USA by carefully implanted the grafts with single strand at the different angles and directions for natural result.


"More complete results"

We use specialized tools to plant and plant in one go. So it can control the depth, frequency, and direction of the hair roots, making them look thick, dense, and natural.

"Smaller wounds"

Hair transplant using the DHI technique, heals quickly, no need to recuperate. and has high safety Does not cause complications

"Results immediately after doing it."

By growing hair with this new innovation This allows you to see the hairline immediately after the hair transplant is complete. There is absolutely no impact on daily life.

Reasons to Consider Getting Hair Transplant at BEQ Hair Center

Hairline designs the new hairstyle without understanding the nature of hair loss. It may result in hair restoration that is not as good as it should be having fine arts. And past experiences have made me. “Dr. Danai Thampibal” is able to design your hairstyle to truly restore your hair.

“Dr. Danai Thampibal” pioneered the search for a way to understand that hairstyles can be separated into 2 or 3 options and know how to design your hairstyle to look good in your own way. Bringing both science and art are used in designing by taking into account the principles of physiognomy. And naturalness designed to suit age, gender, stage of hair loss, race, facial features and head shape.

Permanent hair transplant involves carefully drilling out a hair graft. As well as protecting the nerves and blood vessels that nourish while striving to penetrate the maximum amount of hair grafts. We still have to consider balance and the principle of restoring the condition of the hair in the area. The roots have been removed with techniques and special features of the technology that we have brought into use. It will make the wound heal quickly. and complete as before, as if it had never been penetrated.

Our team has never had to outsource our hair grafting operations that means you have a group of people with specialized knowledge. Comprehensive and detailed and pay attention to growing hair without pain and disappointment. But get a modern hairstyle and according to your wishes, this minimizes the chance of adverse results in your hair transplant.

The perfect hair transplant and a hair style direction that is easy to penetrate. The hair graft is the key to giving the new hair a very natural result in a system that controls every part of the hair. Hair transplants must be done with perfection.

The donor area where the hair follicles are extracted is the key to achieve the best hair restoration outcomes possible using hair transplant techniques. This implies that every donor area must have hair follicles implantation done flawlessly, including treatment planning and post-surgery care. This requires expert care from qualified medical professionals, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies and equipment to prevent adverse events.


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