Hair Booster

For the patients who do not want any injection treatment, but  also need to boost up the quality of hair regularly, that can prevent the scalp and hair problem. “Hair Booster” is the one we recommended. This treatment boosts the quality of hair and scalp in principle of homeopathy by Nappage technique (Painless Technique). Doctors will use a tiny size of needle to only create a pathway through epidermis which will be a route to deliver the substance deep down to hair follicles and make the hair stronger.

The procedure needs only 5 minutes to complete but the result lasts for a long time. After this treatment the patients can do normal life activity , no special precaution.

MG Hair Nourishment

Many hereditary hair loss is known as androgen type hair loss. Men can take medicine that influences male hormones. But what can women or men who don’t need to take medicines do for their hair loss? Ninety percent of the hair loss of women is resulted to hereditary reasons. The medicines that men take to prevent hair loss have side effects such as the reduction of sexual function, decrease of the number of sperms found from animal tests and breast enlargement. So many men don’t like to take the medicines.

Effect with substances of patented plant extracts to prevent hair loss causative agents

  1. 5-Alpha Reductase (DHT activator) Inhibition
    The 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme converts the male hormone, testosterone, to dihydrotestosterone(DHT) causing hair-loss.
    Increased DHT in the hair follicle induces regression of hair follicle around front head and top of the head, and then results in abnormal thin and discolored hair. Genetic hair loss in women has the same cause as male hair loss, so suppressing 5α-reductase enzyme is most important for both men and women. Therefore, inhibition of the enzyme activity of 5α-reductase directly prevents hair-loss in male hormonal alopecia.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Effect
    MG Hair Nourishment Protects scalp skin and pore from oxidative damage and inflammatory shock causing hair loss
  3. Phytoestrogenic Activity
    MG Hair Nourishment induces the secretion of estrogenic hormone – reactivation of hair follicle

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