About Us

BEQ CLINIC was established in 2010 to provide the health and aesthetic beauty services for hair, skin and body shape based on personalized beauty solutions.

With the multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise, we have gathered a team of specialized doctors and specialists from various fields such as hair transplantation and hair maintenance, skin and beauty, natural therapy and anti-aging medicine. These knowledge and expertise are combined with the innovative and modern advanced beauty treatments specially selected from all over the world. They are modern, safe and are standardized treatments and techniques from the USA, UK, Australia, German, Italy, Korea and Japan. In addition, we also use high quality tools and technologies that have been approved by various institutions around the world.

In addition, the medical tools are adjusted and used according to the individual’s problems. The expertise of our medical team is inspired by the origin of scientific innovation. The medical work processes and elements used by our team can deal with the enemies and the factors affecting hair, skin and body shape, especially the genetic deterioration processes. Medication is also used in combination with high quality cosmeceuticals. This is important and unique approach that keep customers satisfied with our services.

With the commitment of all physicians, BEQ CLINIC is pleased to give you advice and is ready to provide warm, attentive and standardized services.

Our services make it easier to solve your problems, cost-effective and take less time according to the budget of each consumer while providing good and visible results.