RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT Stemcell Hair Transplant Hair thinning problem can be solved without FUE hair transplant

Natural healing power extracted from hair root cells, the latest innovation from Italy 90% of hair thinning problem is mainly caused by a combination of genetics and the male hormone (pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia). Over 70% of men around the world are experiencing hair thinning. Male-pattern hair loss begins at the temples and progresses to the inner area. Hair thinning are also found in the middle of the head which called fried egg head. For women, over 40% of hair thinning problem in women occurs all over the head which begins on the top of the head and progresses to a wider area.

The 5-Alpha reductase catalyzes the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from testosterone. DHT is a major cause of hair follicle shrinkage, hair loss and gradual thinning and eventually results in complete baldness. RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT is an ideal solution for pattern hair loss of the stage 1-3 in men and stage 1-2 in women. RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT or Stemcell Hair Transplant is an ideal treatment for “hair thinning” but not baldness because there are still some hair follicles left. Hair root stem cells can be injected for stimulating new hair growth from the hair follicles. For people with hair thinning problems and the hair follicles are closed because they have not been treated for a long time, the treatment can be done only by Follicular Unit Excision technique. RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT technique is based on Stemcell Therapy, an innovation from Italy. In this approach, the hair root tissues from the only 4 areas of back of the customer’s head are removed and processed with the medical process in order to select for the healthy hair root cells which were then implanted into the recipient area.


This hair transplant technique provides the “permanent” result throughout the “Anagen” period of 5-7 years. Human hair growth cycle consists of 3 phases: Anagen phase (growth phase), Catagen phase (transitional phase) and Telogen phase (resting phase) which the hair is released and falls out. This means that RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT technique helps keeping the hairs on the scalp as long as possible throughout their lifespan.

How long does it take to see the results of RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT?

It usually requires 3 weeks to see result after the treatment and the result is more visible after just one month of treatment. The customers can notice that their hairs look thicker within 12 – 18 months. There are periodic follow-up appointments by doctors with modern and accurate TRICHO ANALYSIS instruments.

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RECELL HAIR MICRO TRANSPLANT procedure for hair thinning

1. The process begins with harvesting and selecting only healthy hair follicle cells from the tissue collected from occipital area or around the ears. Four hair follicle cells with the diameter of 2 mm are isolated from the dermal cup sheath which is less affected by DHT.

2. These cells are processed with the medical processed and carefully screened under microscope to select and extract only the healthy live cells.

3. The obtained hair follicle cells are then injected at the areas with thinning hair problems in order to stimulate and repair the weak hair follicle cells to produce more hair shafts and look thicker.